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Welcome to the UKWebAd Sports Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Sports Books and DVDs.

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ISBN 0755313852

The biggest and best football annual around brings you unrivalled analysis of the 2006 World Cup qualifying competition and England's bid to make the finals in Germany. There is also the customary first-class coverage of the UEFA Champions League as well as an extensive breakdown of all English and Scottish league and cup games, increased information on all Nationwide Conference clubs and an invaluable season-by-season who's who-style players' directory. Complete with English, Scottish and international fixtures for 2005-06, this is the one guide to the season you cannot afford to be without.

ISBN 0297852442

When Rafael Benitez was appointed manager of under-achieving Liverpool at the start of the 2004-2005 season, the reaction of many fans was 'Who the **** is Rafael Benitez?'. The Liverpool fans had grown used to French manager Gerard Houllier but he had been a fan of the club himself since his days as a teacher on Merseyside. A Spaniard with admittedly a wonderful record at Valencia was going to take over management of Liverpool's famous Boot Room and try and win over a disillusioned Kop. But in one season, Benitez's importation of Spanish players, coaching methods and diet has led to a revolution, even usurping Jose Mourinho's Chelsea, whereby the team has ended the season winning the ultimate trophy for any European club - the European Champions League. No fan will ever forget the comeback from a 3-0 deficit to a 3-3 scoreline, then dramatic success in the penalty shoot-out. With the co-operation of Benitez himself, highly regarded Spanish soccer pundit Guillem Balague explains how he did it.

ISBN 0755313372

Tying into the CBBC series to be aired in November 2005 and again in February 2006, "Jonny's Hotshots: How to Play Rugby My Way" is a practical, highly illustrated, hands-on instruction manual in which Jonny reveals and explains in detail the skills and expert techniques that have made him one of the world's greatest rugby players. Aimed at teenagers who already know the basics, but equally applicable to adults who want to refine their skills, Jonny will cover topics such as tackling, kicking goals, kicking with both feet, passing, running with the ball, being playmaker and placekicking. He has also called on his fellow presenters, Jonathan Davies, Keith Wood and Jeremy Guscott to give their expert insights into other specialist skills required, such as scrimmaging, rucking and line outs. Jonny will also offer advice and tips on the broader aspects of the game, including health, positive-thinking, tactics, exercise and diet.

ISBN 0071437177

Oscar Wegner has either personally trained many of the world's pros or been acknowledged by them for the efficacy of his method after they trained on it. These pros include Bjorn Borg, Gustavo Kuerton, Vincent Spadea, Venus and Serena Williams, and many others. Oscar is known as the "father of modern tennis" - meaning that when he discovered that the way the pros played was not at all what the coaches around the world were teaching their students, he developed a completely new way of teaching tennis - the way pros actually play. With this system he popularized tennis in Spain and Brazil and is now setting the stage in the United States. He single-handedly changed coaching methods and contributed to a new worldwide tennis boom.

ISBN 0747268185

This is one of those sports books that you can read over a couple of days. That is not to say that it is an uninteresting effort. The ghost writer has done a good job and through him we learn Gazza's story sensitively told. I think it is truthful and probably a must read for aspiring young stars in the game. I think Gazza has now grown up and he is able to look back on his life (so far) with a realistic eye. I loved him as a footballer but hearing the stories of his personal life, not as a man. Although never justifying his worst excesses, this book has redeemed him somewhat. He blames nobody but himself and for that I respect him.

ISBN 0752875175

I have just finished reading this book and it has proved to be a very enjoyable read. If you want to know the torment the players went through during the drawn game at Old Trafford or the agony of that superb win at Trent Bridge then this book is for you. I found it fascinating to understand the thinking behind many things that went on during the Ashes series though I'm sure that there are equally many things that remain unsaid. Two things that particularly stand out for me are firstly the England players/management reaction to Australian Captain Ponting's outburst at Trent Bridge when he was run out and secondly the reaction of the England players again to Ponting's decision to bat when he won the toss at Edgbaston. Some of the views expressed in this book are frank and honest but one gets the sense from this book that the team spirit so evident on the field among the England players is genuine and deeply rooted. This book has lots of beautiful images but the biggest impression this book will leave you with is the sheer joy the players felt to win the Ashes and in the process generate huge interest among the people in England and around the world.

ISBN 0091884705

The question of how a man could have everything and be systematically destroyed by alcoholism is at the heart of George Best's unflinching autobiography Blessed. In 1990, Best--arguably the most extravagantly talented footballer the UK has ever produced; certainly domestic football's first and brightest superstar--irrevocably redefined himself in the public's mind as a bloated, foul-mouthed, pitiful drunk with that appearance on the prime-time TV chat show Wogan. The pictures tell at least part of the story. The young Beatle-haired Best of the 1960s at Manchester United; the scrawny boy from Northern Ireland, breathtakingly audacious with the ball at his feet, dismantling Europe's finest defences. The ever-more chubby, bearded Best of the 1970s, after his shock "retirement" at 26, exercising his increasingly elusive talent with second-rate teams. The Best of today: mottled, grey, eyes now tinted with jaundice and seemingly sharing the general sense of surprise that he's still here at all. Now Best is able to candidly reflect on the story of his rise and fall. He revels in the highs, which were spectacular: a brilliant career with Man Utd, including a European Cup medal; a media darling, with a Miss World or two on his arm. But he also calmly recounts the lows: a litany of professional and domestic woe, including that public humiliation on Wogan.

ISBN 0755314654

CHELSEA FC: THE OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY is not a dry, boring history but instead goes to the heart of what gives the club its personality. The author has access to all the key characters, including Mourinho, Abramovitch and the star players, plus legendary names of the past and the varied voices of backroom staff, boarding house landladies and players who never made it. All have a story to tell. The author addresses all the controversies, including: the near suffocation through lack of cash in the 1970s and in 2002; the impact of Abramovitch's money and whether it might corrupt the club's soul; the club and fans response to racism; how the hooliganism which dogged Chelsea for years has been tackled. On the lighter side, Chelsea is regarded as the country's glamour club, and fashions, good and dreadful, will feature alongside celebrity fans and the worlds of art and music. And then there is the football at the core of it all, creating moments of huge tension and excitement. Years of under-achievement now sit alongside the imminent emergence of Chelsea's most successful period in the past century.

ISBN 0751304174

Golf is a game in which even the experienced player can reap the benefits from expert instruction. Covering every possible aspect of developing a repeatable, effective golf swing, Steve Newell's "The Golf Instruction Manual" works systematically through every type of shot - from tee shots, iron play, pitching and chipping to coping with bunkers and putting. Each section includes a test to establish your level of ability and provides a series of progressive excercises designed to develop your technique. A section on the 10 most common faults that can creep into your game shows you how to fix them quickly and efficiently. Beyond striking the ball, the books also shows you routines to help you think more decisively on the coure and deal with high-pressured situations. An invaluable reference section advises you on buying equipment, guides you through all-important golf etiquette, clearly explains golf's most important rules, and defines all the key terms used by golfers.

ISBN 0233001204

There is something for every Manchester United fan in The Official Manchester United Annual 2006. Read the profiles of all the top players including Wayne Rooney, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Paul Scholes, John O'Shea and Cristiano Ronaldo. Solve the many word and picture puzzles and quizzes, all based around Old Trafford and the team, and enjoy the stunning action moments captured on camera by United's official photographer, including Fergie's 1,000th game. Plus Fred the Red returns for more of his hilarious adventures around Old Trafford.

ISBN 0224072676

This book is absolutely superb! I bought it for my father who constantly drones on about how great football was in the 50's and how "down to earth" all the players were. I always replied with a "yeah, right!" until he encouraged me to read this after him. Gary Imlach really knows how to write. The style is easy and flowing and I almost felt I knew his father. It seems my Dad was right and football was a more honest and respectful sport back then. My own father has often told me tales of taking the bus up to Highfield Road (we're Coventry City fans!) in the 50's. He said that players would take the same bus! It's a concept I can't quite get my head around! I cannot imagine standing next to one of the many talented Coventry City players on a bus! No sarcasm, please! Seriously, a great insight of a time when football was innocent and written with great affection.

ISBN 0856675040

Association football is one of the most popular sports in the world. During the 1990s there was a tremendous surge of interest in football memorabilia, which has become one of the fastest growing areas of collectibles. This volume comprises a collectors' guide to memorabilia, covering the sport from its formative years through to the millennium. All collecting fields are presented and illustrated in colour, showing the diversity of material that is available to collectors. The book also provides details of where football memorabilia can be seen and acquired, and from whom collectors can seek further help, advice and information.

ISBN 1932202153

The Life of O'Reilly" is a chronicle of the career of one of the European PGA Tour's most famous caddies - John O'Reilly - and it's full of funny stories as only this Irishman can tell them. Like the one about the time he and some fellow caddies were arrested and jailed in East Germany on their way to the German Open in Berlin. Or the one about the Tour pro who, in a fit of temper after a bad shot, put his foot through the bottom of his golf bag and could not get it out again! The Life of O'Reilly is a rollicking ride around the world--and the world of professional golf - by one of the game's most interesting characters. No golf library would be complete without it. "I hope that you'll find this book as entertaining as I found Johnny to be throughout our three successful years on tour. There was never a dull moment!" - Padraig Harrington


I've played club golf for 30yrs off 17ish handicaps. Listening and watching Simon explain things clearly and in detail has hugely improved my understanding of how to use a golf club. I can hit a ball relatively well but what Ii struggle with is consistency of direction. Since listening to Simon, I'm able to take what I've learned to the range and understand what I'm aiming to get repeatedly good at and why it matters. I'd reccomend this to anyone with the patience to listen hard and to think about what is said, plus the perseverence to practice until the improvements become your routine. If you are looking for a quick fix, this DVD will not help- take up an easier sport.


New First Touch system lets players take instant full control of the ball.
Incredible environmental realism makes the game look more like a real-life TV broadcast; Zoom shots and close-ups that make the action come alive; Fantastic sounds recorded at actual games, complete with real crowd chants; Listen to play-by-play commentary; Fantastic new create-a-player mode.


Play a real game of football; Accelerated core gameplay engine and new animation system makes for incredibly responsive gameplay with precise control; Fast and fluid gameplay; New skills including: the Quick 135-degree pass, dummies, close control, fakes, and fine positioning adjustment; Incredibly detailed players and stunning visual effects; More football action specific to your team!
Play in Domestic, European and Custom matches and tournaments; Create yourself as a player and hone your skills in preparation to play for the first team.


DVD Features:
• Special Feature Information: Match Analysis and Richie Benauds Final Commentary
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9
• Available Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital Stereo
• Main Language: English


It’s been a national institution for over decade now and the latest FIFA game is finally here, with lots more attacking gameplay, more customisation, more attention to detail, more online and offline multiplayer options and the deepest manager mode ever for the series. With Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series snapping at its heels with ever more voracity, suddenly it’s FIFA that’s got something to prove. The answer for this year’s edition is a new emphasis on attacking play, with a suite of new tackling, dribbling and shielding controls. Naturally, it’s got all the new stats for the 05/06 season, but with the new create-a-player option you can change the facts to fit you. Also new is a 15 year career manager mode to prove your footballing skills don’t end when you’re off the pitch.


Features highlights of 2005 year's racing. Get the best view from bike and trackside cameras.


The official review of the 2005 tournament


With Spaniard Fernando Alonso crowned as his nation's first Formula 1 title holder in Brazil, the fight was now on to win the constructors' championship. It was going to be tough for his team Renault to regain the lead after McLaren moved in front by two points with its 1-2 finish at Interlagos. McLaren's MP4-20 was clearly the class of the field, but was Alonso’s R25 strong enough to take on Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya? Let the battle commence! This official review features the best coverage from every round, including practice & qualifying sessions, plus mind-blowing on-board laps.


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